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86 Ways to Use Lavender

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Lavender fan. When we purchase our land, I want to plant at least an acre of it and have a varietals garden where I can permanently plant all the varieties I’ve collected throughout the years. Lavender is one of my two absolute favorite herbs and I love including it in my recipes. It’s so versatile and suits almost everyone! June marks the beginning of Lavender season here in the PNW, so this month, we’re celebrating this favorite herb of mine with a magazine issue entirely dedicated to Lavender and we’re preparing to launch our Lavender documentary film! I can hardly wait to share it with you. So, in honor of this versatile herb, here are 86 things you can do with Lavender.


1.        Lavender wands

All you need to make Lavender wands is some fresh, long-stemmed Lavender (the L. x intermedia varieties work best) and some ribbon or twine. There are many tutorials on Youtube. They’re quick and easy to make and they keep your drawers Lavender-scented for years!

2.        Lavender wreaths

Made with a wreath form, floral wire, and fresh Lavender stems, these Lavender wreaths dry so beautifully and hold their color for ages. I have one on my wall that’s a year old and it’s still fragrant! Another, larger wreath came with us from southern California and has kept its scent as well. Many Lavender farms have Lavender wreath-making classes throughout the blooming season. It’s a great opportunity to get together with some loved ones and make something lovely.

3.        Lavender sachets

If you like to sew, you can make Lavender sachets in any shape or size. I like to embroider mine! But if you don’t like to sew, you can make sachets with drawstring cloth bags as well.

4.        Lavender eye pillows

Lavender eye pillows are Lavender sachets that are sewn in an eye mask shape. You can lay the pillow over your eyes and lean back to relax while soaking your feet in a Lavender foot bath to help ease headaches and tension after a long day.

5.        In Orange marmalade

Lavender pairs so well with a number of baked goods and orange marmalade is delicious with it as well! Some other places you can use Lavender in the kitchen include:

6.        In Lemon shortbread cookies

7.        In your favorite scone recipe

8.        In ice creams and sorbets

9.        To make Lavender syrup

10.    Infused in sugar for baking and beverages

11.    Infused in cream for baking

I also really love using Lavender buds in apothecary-style recipes and around the house. Here are some ideas:

12.    In facial steams

13.    In herbal hand and foot baths

14.    To decorate the table for family gatherings (center pieces)

15.    To make herbal flea powder

16.    In bunny treats (some buns love them and others don’t)

17.    Infused in vinegar for a cleaning spray

18.    In herbal milk bath blends

19.    In herbal bath salt blends

20.    In herbal sugar scrubs

21.    Infused in oil for lip balms

22.    Infused in oil for salves, balms, lotions and creams

23.    For soapmaking

24.    In culinary herb blends

25.    In jams and jellies

26.    In chocolates

27.    In herbal tea blends

28.    In candles

29.    In smudge sticks

30.    In herbal incense blends

31.    Infused in honey

32.    Mod-podged onto decorative surfaces

33.    Pressed into an herbarium

34.    In herbal bath fizzies

35.    Infused into popsicles

36.    In curry recipes

37.    Sprinkled over potatoes with Rosemary

38.    In smelling salts

39.    In roll-on blends (dried buds)

40.    As decoration (in bundles)


41.    As a soothing spray for baby’s bum

42.    As a facial toner

43.    As a hydrosol perfume ingredient

44.    To soothe skin irritation

45.    As an ingredient in skin-nourishing lotions and creams

46.    In herbal lemonades

47.    To soothe sunburns

48.    To calm the mind so you can focus on your work

49.    As a pillow spray before bed

50.    As a linen spray when ironing

51.    As a deodorant spray


52.   In lip balms

53.   In salves

54.   In lotions and creams

55.   In hair products

56.   In facial toners

57.   In facial moisturizers

58.   In foot and creams

59.   In after-sun care recipes

60.   In smelling salts

61.   In deodorant blends

62.   In bug bite blends

63.    In candles

64.    In soaps

65.    In lotion bars

66.    In body butters

67.    In cleaning scrubs

68.    In cleaning sprays

69.    In personal inhaler blends

70.    In roll-on blends

71.    In aromatic perfumes

72.    In aromatic colognes

73.    In beard oils

74.    In men’s skin care blends

75.    In aromatic carpet powders

76.    In sinus steam blends (1 drop in a bowl of water, inhaled)

77.    In handmade cuticle balms

78.    In massage oils

79.    In handmade vapor rub ointments

80.    In a honey face mask (keep away from eyes)

81.    To scent the room


82.    To attract pollinators

83.    To feed the pollinators

84.    To repel unwanted, harmful insects

85.    To add a relaxing aroma to the garden

86.    To make use of poor soil areas


Much love,

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Erin Stewart is an herbalist, NAHA certified aromatherapist, organic gardener and urban homesteader. She grows over 150 kinds of aromatic and medicinal plants for her own apothecary and distills essential oils and hydrosols in her PNW garden. Erin is the founder of Floranella and of AromaCulture’s herbalism + aromatherapy magazine.

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  1. My hubby bought a big expensive prime rib. His online recipe called for "herb de prevance" LOL he was like what is that. Google gave a recipe for the herb mix. I had everything but lavender. He said you don’t really put that in it do you? I went out to my flower beds, pick it and made the herb de presence! HE WAS TOTALLY impressed! So that is 1 more reason to have lavender in your garden! 😁😁😁😉

  2. Lavender tea and earl gray lavender tea are two of my favorite! Plus a lavender wand or little woven basket seem so elegant. We own a lavender farm so it is really hard to pick a favorite!

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