Course and Workshop Reviews

A note from Erin:

As a lifelong student, I am consistently investing in courses and workshops offered by other herbalists, aromatherapists, and holistic clinicians so I can continue to grow in my own knowledge as a practitioner.

I am often asked about my opinion about different programs offered by other teachers. I also realize that our own programs here at Floranella are not for everyone and that our students may want to learn from other instructors as well. Because of this, and because I highly recommend learning from many different teachers to really round out your education and continue to grow in your own knowledge (something I also practice), I have committed to gradually adding my own course reviews to this page for your reference.

I have written these reviews from my own perspective as a student who has completed each one and am offering my unbiased, truthful thoughts about each of them. Not every program that I have completed is available on this page, but I am working to add more reviews to this page as I am able.

You can see some of the reviews that I have yet to write but that will be added as I’m able to sit down to write a review on them in the second section.

If there is a program or class you’d like me to review, please send me an email to let me know.

If you’d like me to review your school’s program, please email me. I cannot always accommodate these requests, but if it seems like a good fit for me, my own educational goals, my current schedule, and my audience, I would be happy to speak with you about this. I do not recommend programs I have not personally completed and do not accept affiliate invitations for programs I would not recommend.

Written Course Reviews

Course Reviews that Will Be Coming Soon

David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies - 2 Year Clinical Training Program

Aromahead - Aromatherapy Certification Program

Rosemary Gladstar - The Science and Art of Herbalism

Aviva Romm - Healthy All Year

Aromahead - Online Component Blending

Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine - Plant Medicine Making

Aromahead - Anatomy and Physiology

Commonwealth School of Herbal Medicine - Phytochemistry

Aromahead - Introduction to Essential Oils

Commonwealth School of Herbal Medicine - Materia Medica

Aromahead - Body Butters and Lip Balms

Aromahead - Aromatherapy for Natural Living

Commonwealth School of Herbal Medicine - Medicine Making

Heartstone - Physiology with Heart

Formula Botanica - Natural Cosmetic Preservation

Commonwealth School of Herbal Medicine - Community Disaster Response: First Aid & Long-Term Care

Commonwealth School of Herbal Medicine - Community Disaster Response: Emergency Clinic Management

Jan Berry's Soapmaking Class

Jan Berry's Natural Creams and Lotions Class

Susan Parker's Lipids Course

Herbal Academy - Materia Medica

International Integrative Institute - Conquering Thyroid Disorders

International Integrative Educational Institute - Healthy Hormones / Endocrine System Health

International Integrative Educational Institute - Conquering Diabetes

Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy for Acute Respiratory Conditions - Rhiannon Lewis

Herbal Academy - Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course

Herbal Academy - Botany and Wildcrafting

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