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How to Make Calendula Lotion Bars

I started making lotion bars a few years ago after trying one that had been made by a small herbal business in Washington. I loved it so much. The company packaged their lotion bars in sweet little reusable tins and used the prettiest mold to make them. Once I realized how much I liked lotion bars, I started stashing them everywhere – in my nightstand, in my purse, on the bathroom counter. They’re especially nice during the cooler months when my skin is a bit more dry than normal, but I’ve also been using these calendula lotion bars this spring and summer and I feel like they’re really helping my skin so I thought I’d share the recipe with you today.



Melt your beeswax and cocoa butter in a double boiler over low heat. Once they’ve completely turned to liquid, turn off the heat and stir in your infused sunflower oil and St. John’s wort oil. Continue to stir until they’re completely incorporated, then stir in the shea butter. Add your essential oils and the optional CO2 extract at the very end.

Pour your mix into some pretty silicon molds and allow them to sit, undisturbed, on the counter for a few hours until they’ve cooled completely. Once they’ve hardened, you can slip them out of the molds and store them in individual tins or in a wide-mouthed glass jar with sheets of parchment paper between them to keep them separated.

Lotion bars make lovely gifts and are actually pretty quick to make! Have you ever tried them? If you make these, share a photo on social media with the hashtag #floranellarecipe so I can see it too!

Much love,


Erin Stewart is an herbalist, NAHA certified aromatherapist, organic gardener and urban homesteader. She grows over 150 kinds of aromatic and medicinal plants for her own apothecary and distills essential oils and hydrosols in her PNW garden. Erin is the founder of Floranella and of AromaCulture’s herbalism + aromatherapy magazine.

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Calendula Lotion Bars”

  1. Caroline Whitehouse

    Thank-you Erin this is so timely I have grown calendula from seed for the first time this year specifically to infuse in oil my first flower opened today so beautiful I will definitely be trying this recipe.

  2. Hi Erin,
    I love lotion bars as well. Easy to use and easy to make. I’ve been using the same recipe for these past couple years. I’m ready to try your recipe. My question is, about how many bars does this recipe yield? I have a silicone mold with 6 cavities and each cavity holds about 1.5 oz.

    Thank you again for this recipe 😊

    1. Erin Stewart

      With your 1.5oz molds, you should be able to get 5-6 bars out of this recipe (8.5 ounces of materials total). I hope you like it! =)

  3. Linda Cote

    I will be trying this but I have never heard of calendula CO2 extract. What does it do and where can you get it?

    1. Erin Stewart

      A CO2 extract is somewhat like an essential oil in that it contains some of the kinds of molecules that essential oils often do, but they’re extracted from the plant with carbon dioxide instead of through steam distillation. Veriditas Botanicals, now Pranarom, carries a beautiful organic calendula CO2 that you can purchase at many co-ops and natural food stores throughout the US or online. It enhances the vulnerary effects of the lotion bars. The recipe will still be effective without it, but it gives it that extra little kick. =)

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