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How to Make and Use Mullein Flower Oil

You can’t miss Mullein! It sends its beautiful flowering stalks straight toward the sky and brightens up the environment with its sunny yellow blooms. Most people know of Mullein as the ultimate earache herb. The flowers are commonly infused into olive oil and used for relieving the pain of an earache. While this is the most well-known use for Mullein oil, it is beneficial for a variety of other applications as well.

To make your own ear oil, you’ll need to find a Mullein plant cluster (not on private property and not next to a roadside) from which you can harvest a jar’s worth of Mullein flowers. After you’ve harvested your flowers, follow the steps in this blog post to create an herbal infused oil. The best time to harvest the flowers is in the morning after all of the dew has evaporated. The entire plant must be dry (fingers and your jar too) if you are going to pour the oil over your flowers right away. Alternatively, you can lay the flowers out on a screen or tea towel and allow them to wilt for a few hours before infusing.

Once your Mullein oil is finished and strained, you’re ready to start using it. I like to double or triple-infuse my Mullein oil to increase its potency, so the process takes a couple of months for me, but you could always use the quick stovetop method if you need it quickly.

Mullein flowers have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, calming, and sedating properties. It’s a good idea to reserve a bottle of your finished Mullein flower oil in your medicine cabinet or herbal first aid kit for earaches, but there are other ways you can use Mullein infused oil too.

7 Ways to Use Mullein Flower Oil

  • in first aid salve recipes for skin issues / inflammation
  • in chest rub recipes, especially for spasmodic cough
  • in a homemade cream for any kind of inflamed skin issue or dry, cracked skin
  • in a burn salve
  • use it plain for rheumatic joint pain (some say it’s helpful for TMJ)
  • as a base for a calming aromatherapy massage oil
  • as a massage oil for infected piercings (per Jim McDonald)

How do you use Mullein flower oil?

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Erin Stewart is an herbalist, NAHA certified aromatherapist, organic gardener and urban homesteader. She grows over 150 kinds of aromatic and medicinal plants for her own apothecary and distills essential oils and hydrosols in her PNW garden. Erin is the founder of Floranella and of AromaCulture’s herbalism + aromatherapy magazine.

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  1. Would infusing oil with the leaves have the same effect as flowers? I am planning on infusing oil for a salve and can’t find enough plants with flowers, but plenty of leaves…

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