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Floranella School of Botanical and Skill-Based Studies
offers educational courses and content about Herbal Aromatherapy™, foraging, land stewardship, and natural living with a focus on bio-regional sustainability.

Herbal Aromatherapy™ Online Courses

Herbal Aromatherapy™ Level One: Foundations

Dive into your training in the Herbal Aromatherapy™ method to learn how and when to use herbs, essential oils, and other herbal products effectively and sustainably in your own home apothecary, whilst cultivating a deep connection to the plants themselves.

Herbal Aromatherapy™ Level Two: Certification

Become a Certified Herbal Aromatherapist™ by furthering your education. Deepen your understanding of how herbs and herbal products work, learn how to make blends that work, and gain the knowledge you need to start seeing clients.

Herbal Aromatherapy™ Level Three: Clinical Practice

Complete your training in Clinical Herbal Aromatherapy™ applications so you can be better prepared to partner with holistic healthcare providers, serve your family and community, or even set up your own practice.

Herbalism + Aromatherapy Magazine

AromaCulture Magazine is a monthly digital magazine packed with educational articles, case studies and recipes written by practicing herbalists, certified aromatherapists and qualified holistic health practitioners.

Educational Content We Offer...

It is our goal to help you deepen your understanding of and experience with plants and the therapeutic products we can make with them whilst also inspiring you to continue living a natural and sustainable lifestyle. We offer an online blog full of free educational content to help inspire you along the way, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with leaders in the herbal and aromatherapy fields, and our own growing collection of online courses and workshops.

Visit our Course Catalog to see our full list of available online courses and workshops.

What is Herbal Aromatherapy?

Through our Herbal Aromatherapy™ courses, we use our unique training approach to teach you how to utilize plant therapies in a holistic, sustainable, and effective way. Learn how to utilize all of the different plant products that can be produced from a single plant (including the dried herb, tincture, flower essence, essential oil, hydrosol, etc.), how to know when to use one over another, and how to create effective, synergistic blends with them.

The Herbal Aromatherapy™ method focuses on bioregional sustainability and a rich level of involvement in your work with the plants, including growing and processing many of them yourself as you are able. It also includes distillation training for students who wish to work with hydrosols and essential oils to further encourage connectedness over consumerism in your approach to health.

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With fall fast approaching, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting the garden ready for the season; planting out fall-sown seeds for veggies and herbs and flowers and cleaning up things that are starting to go dormant or die back. Fall is my favorite time of year and after a busy spring and summer,

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4 Ways to Make an Herbarium

An herbarium is a great way to either display or keep track of dried plant specimens. There are so many ways you can create your own herbarium collection, but today we’re going to cover my 4 favorite methods – bound, framed, loose-leaf, and displayed as a collection. When Jon and I were living in our

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12 Herbs and Flowering Plants to Grow for the Bees

With bee populations declining, I feel like it’s more important than ever to dedicate space in our gardens to growing plants for them. This year, I’ve planted certain varieties especially for them and I’ve spent a lot of time observing what they’re most drawn to in the garden. These twelve easy-to-grow plants seem to be

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How to Make Herbal Tinctures – 3 Ways

Before I started working with herbs on a regular basis, I was always intrigued by the tincture aisle at our local health food store. I remember walking down it one day on my way to the probiotics section and thinking, “Wow! Look at all of them!” This particular store literally had a full aisle of

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Herbal Aromatherapy™ for Congestion

When you’re feeling congested, all you really want is to not feel congested anymore so you can function throughout the day and then sleep well at night. Sounding like a train whistle or a goose when you’re just trying to breathe probably doesn’t make it to the top of anyone’s favorites list. Luckily, there are

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7 Ways to Stay Safe When Foraging

One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is forage for wild edible and medicinal plants. Jon and I love it so much that we created a series of online foraging workshops (the first one opens for enrollment this week!) so that we could share that love with you and teach you more

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