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Educational Articles

How to Process Rose Hips for Your Apothecary

I’m harvesting the last cluster of ripe rose hips from my Rosa rugosa plants this week. I usually harvest homegrown rose hips in two batches – one pretty soon after the first or second frost when the hips start to feel a little softer and they look a little more translucent than they do before

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How to Make Incense with Aromatic Herbs

When I first decided that I wanted to learn how to make my own incense with herbs several years ago, I searched online and in books for information about how to make it but didn’t really find much. While incense has been an integral part of many (if not all) cultures and traditions throughout the

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How to Grow Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Tulsi, sometimes called holy basil, is one of the most fragrant, beautiful plants in my garden and I love growing it. Just walking by it with the hose and giving it some water releases its aroma into the air and you can smell it throughout the whole yard! Honeybees and native bees love it and

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Chamomile Relaxing Bath Soak Recipe

One of my favorite ways to relax before bed after a stressful day is to have a long bath filled with herbs and mineral-rich salts to help me calm down. I’m convinced that it helps me sleep better, especially when I feel like my mind is so full of everything that I’ve been focusing on

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How to Make Self Heal Salve with Prunella Vulgaris

Self heal, sometimes called all-heal or heal-all, is a Lamiaceae family plant. It’s related to many of our favorite aromatic plants, including peppermint, lavender, and culinary herbs like oregano and thyme, but unlike these other plants, it has no scent. You may be able to find self heal growing in your lawn, in the grass

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How to Make and Work with Rosemary Oil in Your Apothecary

You have probably heard that St. John’s wort oil is incredible for muscle aches and pains, but did you know that rosemary infused oil can also work wonders? Not everyone has access to fresh St. John’s wort when it’s flowering at just the right stage for making oil, but most people have access to rosemary.

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How to Grow White Sage

White sage is native to the desert regions of the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. While the plant is not yet considered an endangered species, it has been vastly overharvested in its native environment and is considered to be at risk by United Plant Savers. Because of the trends that have multiplied the

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Lemon Balm Popsicle Recipe

We were having summer weather here back in April, so Jon and I have been enjoying popsicles for quite awhile now. They’re such a refreshing summer treat and we love making them with herbal teas, herb-infused honeys, and our favorite fruits and fruit juices. One of our favorites the past few weeks has been this

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How to Make Calendula Lotion Bars

I started making lotion bars a few years ago after trying one that had been made by a small herbal business in Washington. I loved it so much. The company packaged their lotion bars in sweet little reusable tins and used the prettiest mold to make them. Once I realized how much I liked lotion

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How to Make Heart-Centered Elixir

Our summer temperatures arrived so early this year that I was pulling buds off my hibiscus transplants in early June (they normally don’t flower until October here) so the plants would grow taller before trying to put out more flowers. I love hibiscus flowers. The calyx left behind after the petals fall can be dried

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How to Make (and Customize) Your Own Trauma Oil

For many aromatherapists, trauma oil is the first herbal remedy to which they are introduced. It is an herb-infused carrier oil that can be used on its own or as a base for aromatherapy blends meant to help relieve pain and inflammation. Trauma oil can be expensive when you purchase it ready-made, but it’s so

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How to Make Night-Time Aromatherapy Blends for Kids

Do your little ones sometimes need a little extra help winding down before bedtime? A relaxing night-time routine with lots of snuggles and storytime can work wonders. There are also some lovely kid-friendly aromatherapy options that we can work with. Let’s talk about a few ways to safely incorporate hydrosols and essential oils into your

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How (and Why) to Make Milky Oats Vinegar Infusion

Herbal vinegar infusions are sometimes called vinegar tinctures. While they aren’t really tinctures, they are vinegar extracts and they are especially well suited to herbs that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Many mineral-rich herbs aren’t as active in tinctures unless they are made with low alcohol percentages, but their water-soluble nutrients are easily extracted

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A Special Kind of Thank You and a Bit of Back-Story

I’m doing something a little different today – more of a longer letter from me so I can share a bit of what’s been happening behind the scenes and a piece of my personal story with you. I don’t talk about super personal things very much (INFJ here), but this feels so significant and you’ve

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How to Make an Herbal Aloe Liniment Spray for Wound Care

I’ve shared a couple of my favorite herbal first aid go-to’s here with you in the past, including this yarrow styptic powder and a tutorial for making herbal poultices and compresses. Today, though, I’m letting you in on one of my herbal first aid kit secret weapons. It’s a recipe I turn to so often

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How to Make ‘Pot de Rose’

My apothecary roses are all filled with blooms right now and I’m enjoying the opportunity to make luscious skin care products and aromatherapy blends with their vibrant pink petals. Many of the highly fragrant apothecary rose species only bloom once each year during the month of May, so spring is typically my best month for

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10 Easily Identified Weedy Herbs You Can Learn to Forage

Can you believe it’s already starting to feel like summer in our area? We’ve had temperatures in the 90’s this past week and that picture of the first St. John’s wort flowers opening was one that I took in my garden yesterday! Normally we don’t see St. John’s wort flowers until June or July! Our

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My Favorite Roses to Grow for the Apothecary

Roses are some of the most delightful, luscious plants in my garden. I grow several different species and varieties, but there are definitely a few that are my favorites for herbal and aromatherapy use. I have limited growing space in my urban backyard, so my roses of choice need to be healthy, fragrant, and high

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9 Things Every Exceptional Herbalist or Aromatherapist Does

Have you ever thought about the difference between an exceptional herbalist or aromatherapist with years of experience and a deep level of wisdom about plants and people vs. an herbalist or aromatherapist who is just not quite “there” yet? We’re all learning and growing and in my own journey of growth, I’ve noticed a few

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What is Herbal Aromatherapy?

Herbal Aromatherapy™ is aromatherapy with a foundation in herbalism. By getting to know the plants themselves and learning how to work with them in their many forms – including the whole herb, the hydrosol, the essential oil, the tincture, and the flower essence – you will deepen your understanding of how the plant works and build a more holistic and sustainable personal practice. 

Through our Herbal Aromatherapy™ certification program, you will learn how to confidently and sustainably work with aromatic and medicinal plants in their many forms. You’ll be creating effective custom formulas in no time and will even learn how to grow and distill plants so you can make your very own hydrosols and essential oils. 

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