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Jon and Erin Stewart are herbalists, organic gardeners, foragers, and urban homesteaders based in the Pacific Northwest. Erin is a NAHA certified aromatherapist, photographer and artist and Jonathan is also an artisan woodworker. They grow over 150 species of aromatic and medicinal herbs for their own apothecary and they distill their own essential oils and hydrosols in their organic garden.

Erin is the founder of AromaCulture’s herbalism + aromatherapy magazine and Jonathan is the host of AromaCulture’s Herbs & Oils Podcast.

Our Approach to Herbalism and Aromatherapy

Making the two one again in the most sustainable, effective way possible.

Connectedness Over Consumerism

We believe in:

  • teaching you how to grow, tend, process and distill your own herbs with care and intention and to source herbs and herbal products locally when you can’t.
  • inspiring you to build a foundation of connectedness to your medicinals that you can’t attain by purchasing year-old, half-vibrant, machine-processed, or imported products off a shelf or from a distributor.
  • empowering you to connect to and understand the plants that you’re using for their therapeutic effects at a deep level rather than simply participating in their effects as a consumer.

Wholism Over Separation

  • Instead of seeing aromatherapy as the use of essential oils that come from little bottles from the health food store, we teach it as it truly is: a branch of herbalism that involves close interaction with aromatic plants. You can actually experience aromatherapy without ever picking up a bottle of essential oil!
  • By helping you deepen your understanding of the plants themselves and how they are used in all of their forms, not just their essential oils, we can help you to practice aromatherapy in a way that is sustainable, effective, and safe and deepen your knowledge of herbalism.
  • We teach you not only how, but when to use essential oils and hydrosols and when to choose other herbal products that will be better for your particular situation.

Sustainability with Maximum Efficiency

  • We believe in teaching you to get the job done in the most sustainable, effective way possible – through mindful sourcing, personal involvement in the process, a focus on bio-regional practice, and through an expanded level of knowledge that includes use of aromatic and medicinal plants in their many forms.
  • Bio-regional sustainability – If you can confidently use a plant (or product made from a plant) that grows in your own ‘neighborhood’ instead of one that grows in another hemisphere to accomplish the same end goal, you’ll be better able to practice in a truly sustainable way.
  • We teach you how to blend layered, kick-butt formulas that work that are both sustainable and effective.

Community Over Competition

  • We believe in helping you through your journey with our courses however we can, offering you top-notch customer service and continuing to support you as we walk you through our courses.
  • We believe in fostering a sense of community. If you’re on our Insiders Letter List, you’re able to join our free Facebook community and all of our students are given access to a separate student community as well.
  • Humans need each other and a rising tide floats all ships. We believe in supporting and encouraging one another rather than competing with others or engaging in the playground politics of the industry.

Immerse yourself in the world of aromatic and medicinal plants.

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